General Submissions

If you send a submission, it will be left unread and then deleted.

First, we prefer that those submitting have previously purchased Dynatox Books so you can see if you approve of the quality of work we put in as well as show us that you’re supportive of the press and its authors.

Okay, what do we want? Weird fiction (think HPL, Thomas Ligotti, etc), experimental, surreal, Dadaist, offbeat nonfiction, conspiracy fiction/nonfiction, neo-beat, trash transgressive, fiction inspired by black metal, offbeat horror, nunsploitation, nazisploitation, personal confessions, whacked out SF, nonfiction about noise music, neo-noir pulp, satanic panic stories, Christian mysticism, and anything really unclassifiable.

What we DON’T want: Traditional genre fiction.

WORD COUNT: 7k to 50k

Email me with the general pitch and short author bio to filmynoir (at) live (dot) (com) or go to the contact page. Previously unpublished authors are welcome.



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