April 16, 2018
Available for preorder (Ships April 30th)
ALL INTERNAL by Terence Hannum
Preorder HERE.
Read an interview with the author HERE.

In this grotesque and dark novella, Terence Hannum introduces us to Anita, a camgirl who finds herself awakening in situations that she cannot control. After questioning her sanity she realizes that she is not alone in her body and at the mercy of a malignant parasitic entity. All Internal takes us into the edges of the mind-body problem by way of reproduction, replication and division.

“In the lineage of Dennis Cooper’s The Sluts, Olivier Assayas’ Demonlover and all things Cronenberg, All Internal collapses body, mind, culture, and technology to reveal the parasitic consciousness that emerges when pleasure gets warped and weaponized.” – Tim Kinsella, author of THE KARAOKE SINGER’S GUIDE TO SELF-DEFENSE

“Beautifully written take of suspense from the author of Between the Remains, the new All Internal retains the unearthly Florida humidity but ups the ante and the body count. Anita is a young, ordinary, woman who works as a cam model for an audience base who seem to love her as much for her unknowability as for her desire to please. Actual porn scenes she’s been putting off, but now her handlers are putting on the pressure and she caves. Is it a coincidence that just at this moment her consciousness splits asunder, with the human, sexual part watched as if from afar by a demanding, controlling, and merciless entity? Of the old Anita there is only her body, a few sentences, and endless submission both to the unknown and to the market we all know so well. This allegory never lets up, and without mercy Hannum makes the analogy between porn and horror as clear and sharp as the black mirror of that alien lens.” – Kevin Killian, author of TWEAKY VILLAGE and IMPOSSIBLE PRINCESS

“In this vicious, startling novella, Terence Hannum brilliantly reimagines the adult industry as a porous battlespace inhabited by malevolent intelligences. You’ll never look at porn the same way again.” – Jeremy P. Bushnell, author of THE WEIRDNESS and THE INSIDES

Terence Hannum is the author of Beneath the Remains and is visual artist and musician performing with Locrian and the Holy Circle.



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