DYNATOX MINISTRIES is an independent press that specializes in limited edition chapbooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, and other items.

All books are limited to anywhere from 1 to 300 copies.

We publish a variety of genres including (but not limited to): Weird Fiction, poetry, horror, exploitation, science fiction, neo-beat, conspiracy fiction and nonfiction, neo-noir, bizarro, transgressive literature, surrealism, etc. Basically whatever I like to read.

Dynatox Ministries has a few imprints:

Publisher’s pledge: I’ve always lived my life by the rule: “If you get, you give.” For the last twenty years I’ve gotten from karate. I’ve gotten discipline, health, self-confidence, inner peace, everything that makes me what I am today. And today it’s time for me to give back. It’s my pleasure to announce my partnership with the greatest karate man I have ever known, Sensei John Kreese. Together, we are about to open a chain of Cobra Kai dojos, where young people can come and learn the same values I’ve learned: honesty, compassion, and FAIR PLAY.”

You can contact the publisher at dynatoxeditor@gmail.com

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